Fantastika - Le Temps du Rêve

The Dreamtime


Unique immersive show

Mix of 25 artistic disciplines to the sound of techno up to Mozart ...


Take a quantum leap through our universe where Beauty, Elegance and Poetry intermingle in the heart of a Fantastic Voyage!

A multi-faceted show where bollywood, classical, Tahitian, hip-hop, music hall, oriental, etc...




"Magnificent costumes, full of colors..."

Guillaume - Namur - Belgium


"A big choreographic work, a breathtaking mix of styles!"

Nathalie - Dinant - Belgium


"...You made us live a dream!..."

Sylvette Schmit-Weigel - Deputy Mayor of Betzdorf - Luxembourg


"I was looking for a show to fill an entire evening, very diverse, and suitable for a large audience. Fantastika fulfilled the promise with beautiful costumes, good dancers. An accessible dance performance that changes from the ballet or dance that we traditionally see.

Quality, seriousness! I will be ready to do it again at any time..."

Carlo Migy - Director of the Syrkus theater in Roodt/Syre - Luxembourg



"I had the impression of escaping for 2 hours, it really feels good!"

Maryline - Athus - Belgium


"Unheard of... Wonnerschéi!"

Christopher - Bertzdorf - Luxembourg


Welcome to the World of Fantastika!


Who is Fantastika for?


All generations... ALL AGES from 4 to 104 years old!


Fantastika is...


The story of a captain who travels through dream worlds.

An incredible journey through space and time through 22 different paintings, from Bollywood to the court of Versailles...

More than 20 dancers evolving in meticulously elaborated choreographies.

A surprising spectacle where you will pass from one world to another in a few seconds!

A performance to be discovered by all generations.

A crazy whirlwind filled with Poetry!


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You will love Fantastika...


For its exceptional diversity!

You will discover more than 23 disciplines combined in one go! Never seen!

From dance to acrobatics through comedy and mime, with the clowning of the master of ceremonies interacting with the public.

A whole multitude of bodily expressions takes place on stage and you will be amazed.

From baroque to Irish, from Tahitian to modern, from oriental to classical, while passing through the Music'hall!

Each choreographic scene takes us each time into a new world to discover, a new era to explore...

In short... it is in an absolutely magical universe that the spectator is completely transported.

Fantastika is such a different and original way of showing off all styles of dance that everyone is seduced!

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For the performance of its artists!

In this so innovative and surprising show, the dancers have the art of moving from one world to another in a few seconds!

Thus, the same artist manages to "bend" his body to other disciplines...

The spectator is as surprised as conquered by the performance!


For the opulence of its costumes!

Fantastika takes us to an extraordinary world of colors!

A profusion of more than 100 different and sophisticated costumes that illuminate the stage, as much as the eyes of the spectators! Brocades, gold leather, feathers on stilts, jewelry, flower adornments, lace...

Thus, come to meet "The Dreamtime", grace, beauty and magic, for the joy of all.



For all the Beauty and Poetry that emerges from it!

Letting yourself be carried away by Fantastika is also letting yourself be lulled by an enchanted world of poetry.

Thus, the magic of Fantastika is revealed through her unpublished poems, punctuated with positive messages, and specially composed for this show.

Like a novel that we open, Fantastika is only told to you in poems... A veritable river of poems!

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Poems from the show:

"And you, people of heaven,
Where our eyes are lost
In the starry nights...
Do you watch over our souls
And on our destinies?"


"Listen to the wolf who says to you:
Animals also dream.
And it is Love that creates all forms of life.
And it is Love that ceaselessly seeks to express itself in all forms of life."


The spectator is amazed! He escapes, is astonished, laughs, marvels...

He rediscovers his childhood dreams, letting himself be lulled by the imagination...




2009: Espace Caravelle de Meaux
2013: Manchecourt (45)
2014: Puiseaux (45)
2014: Théatre Tivoli Montargis (45)



2015/2016: continuation of the design of FANTASTIKA in Namur, Belgium
2017: 6 performances in Belgium
2018: representation at Syrkus in Luxembourg


~~~ "The show enchants the public" ~~~

"The captain and flight crew welcome you to our flight for a journey from Earth to Fantastika..."
"This is how the Fantastika show presented by the Ecklectic association began.
This danced tale, directed by Deanna Christophe and choreographed by herself and Guylaine Jardin was truly splendid. Vaporous ballerina or rhythmic tap dancing, the numbers helped the spectators to forget all their worries. Lots of talent, magnificent costumes, impeccable staging, the show is unanimous."


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~~~ "A show that invites you to travel" ~~~

"...Take spectators on a dream trip to a fantasy land from takeoff to landing."


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